A very playful black Cecil cheap sexy lingerie, sarcastic Simon Cowell wore face masks… She’s going to give the new song to Christmas first.

Seven years ago, when Simon Cowell told her cheap sexy lingerie that she had no hope in the singing world, she was excluded from the X factor.

But since then, as a charismatic model and celebrity brother, Chloe Khan has released an album in his own name as Christmas first.

So she started playing, she took part in a lace cheap sexy lingerie only shot… And the mask on Simon’s face.

Billy Buddha money dog, 26, almost contains her plump chest bra, with waspie waist and panties.

Use traditional bone and streamline, set a selection of glossy floral embroidery, and obscene straps.

Billy Buddha Chihuahua dressed in velvet black high-heeled shoes complete appearance and wearing her curly raven hair tumbling loosely around her shoulders, she was too shy to play.

For some images, she was seen posing as Billy Buddha, the money dog, the other scantily clad lady wearing an array of Simon masks, as a cunning and sarcastic tycoon, once disillusioned, her star dream.

She recruited some other girls to do the same thing, and even planted a mocking kiss on her mask.

The hopeful singer, eager to work with Simon again, plans to steal Christmas first from the winner of the X factor this year, because he often manages to design a Christmas for himself ».

Billy Buddha money dogs were teased by her 1 million 100 thousand Instagram followers in lace sexy lingerie, their obscene pictures in the face of X Factor judges.

She said, « guys… I have to face the # thexfactor # xmasnumber1. # chloevscowell lets do it. [sic]

Elsewhere, Billy Buddha, the money dog, had a tough year, revealing the destructive side effects of her cosmetic surgery.

Chloe spent in surgery including nose, lip, breast augmentation, liposuction amazing 100K, bottom expansion.

But the real star admits that rhinoplasty makes her unable to breathe or breathe normally.

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