« Damn – I’m hot »: big model Ashley Alexiss West cable new sexy plus size lingerie shooting

Bent black hair, he accumulated 1 million 200 thousand followers in Instagram, oozing sexy plus size lingerie shooting confidence.

Ashley, who is 5 feet 4 inches and British 16, pasted her silhouette in sexy plus size lingerie preview yesterday.

In sexy shots, American models decorate her plump curves with red silk and black lace. The picture, which was released only 24 hours ago, has been infected with viruses and has gained more than 35000 photos.

Ashley hopes that the moonlight collection will inspire people’s confidence in women of all shapes and sizes.

She said, « every piece of work makes me feel so confident.

« It’s great to wear clothes that fit my curves. It really makes me feel sexy. »

But the ambassador of the Lovehoney adult supplies company is not always so confident about her body and the badly bullied child.

When it comes to her physical enthusiasm, the 26 year old admits she feels comfortable on her skin.

She said, « I realize that this is my body, my life, and I won’t waste it because of pain, because I’m not a social definition of perfect body.

« What’s important is that I’m my own definition, and that’s enough for me. »

Ashley had his own name, in addition to the size of the world advocated « beauty is not a size, design their own clothing series and world brand styling. »

But her latest lingerie product might be her sexiest. The new collection is 4 times the size of the British plus size lingerie company.

It features everything from Laixi corset to slip matching set with gold details and suspenders.

Ashley adds: « each body type has different parts, different parts to highlight your favorite body parts. »

« Women can look at themselves in the mirror and think, ‘Damn, I’m sexy!’ « 

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