From cheap sexy lingerie to falling angels, the glamorous scenes of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

This is the secret fashion cheap sexy lingerie show in Vitoria this year, and the glitz and glamour of many nights, but when an angel quickly returns to earth, she encounters an awkward fall and walks on the runway.

In this year’s Shanghai concert recording, a sexy lingerie model clock West stumbled on the skirt, kneel in the middle of runway.

But west, who has been walking on the show for the last five years, is all smiles, and she restores the balance with the help of other supermodel Gizele Oliveira.

18000 spectators cheered, and she continued down the runway, as if it had never happened in autumn.

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It’s an unforgettable moment, from evening feathers, thigh high boots and avant garde fashion.

« It’s so exciting; I feel my stomach is tense, » Jasmine Tookes told the internal model.

« I’m so excited. I’m a little nervous… » When Martha Hunt was ready, the model added.

Designer army helps cheap sexy lingerie model hair and makeup.

« I got a lot of extensions, » Hunt said. « Makes me feel like a goddess. »

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« It really makes your inner beauty shine, » Carly Klaus said.

During the campaign, Harry Styles went into Katy Perry, who was refused visa, so banned from entering china.

Styles joined pop singer Miguel and Leslie Odom Jr., who sang a song on Broadway blockbuster Hamilton.

The performance of cheap sexy lingerie seventeenth Ambrosio and her last time, as a 36 year old model said she plans to devote more time to her two children, her career.

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