King Molly’s dizzy sexy lingerie as a semi – naked new cheap sexy lingerie advertisement

Dance star Mollie King has given all of us a Christmas present to remove her cheap sexy lingerie from boux Avenue and her new sport.

The future dancer and the singer of the last Saturday put her kit on a new model of underwear brand and worked hard.

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The blonde wearing gorgeous blue lace Molly set lace shorts and black trim, matching her embroidery bra her leaning around the snow and the simple Christmas tree wall.

She looked at the lens with a smile on her light yellow hair, with high heels and brushes.

In another unit, the singer hissed, next to a period of fireplace in a set of purple underwear, with a long leg to a Shangri-La Angelina Julie.

The beautiful picture is to be sure to catch up with her eyes, the strict partner AJ Pritchard, who has admitted that Molly has « displayed the sexy butt. »

Before, in the mirror of the origin of the pride prize in Britain, both sides were comfortable, snuggled up to the other side in the bar and laughing at other people’s jokes.

Mollie admitted to her « love love » this week to tell women health: « I do love to be in love. I’m romantic. I’m a little girl.

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« I don’t want to be in those couples. Do you think, ‘do we really know each other?’ ‘ »

When she doesn’t need someone, she will « love someone », and 30 year old says she does want a child, but insists she is not afraid of thirty years old.

She said, « I’ve seen too much sex and city! They are all over 30 years old and live their lives. I think, ‘well, if Carrie Bradshaw can have such a cheap sexy lingerie life, I don’t have anything to worry about. I mean, of course, I want a child, 100 percentage points, so I think it might be the only thing I have to do with my age.  »

The star also made a strict disclosure of his time.

« It’s never the right time, » she explained. But it’s a professional dance. Everyone would say, ‘Oh, you have a lot of performance experience’, of course I like, but I’ve never been trained. I’ve never been to a theater school. « 

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