The 6 reason is that you grow up and finally get rid of the secret of Vitoria

The secret of Vitoria is the emporium Queen’s cheap sexy lingerie ball queen, almost every American city has shops (many foreign). It is time for women to overcome this high price and inferior lingerie chain. Victoria is the secret of smoke and mirrors, marketing means to deceive us, continue to buy their business empire actually provides strong foundation for women, their wardrobe.

The bra does not break or sags, and can’t ride, or make you suffocate. If the wire is a careful and picky washing procedure, it may not be you. This is the secret of Vitoria. It’s time to break up.

There are many fish in the ocean of underwear fashion, some of which are more equal than others. If you still run to the mall to buy a bra, there is a better and more pleasing way, regardless of your age or shape. That’s why you need to tell Victoria to go hiking and where to buy a bra.

1. The secret of Vitoria is too expensive for its quality.

The real secret of Victoria is that she is selling paper towels, pretending that it is a high quality underwear. Of course, the 60 dollars and bra, saccharin pink dressing room looks good, but in a week it will stretch out and floppy disk two words, you want to get close to your wife’s lump. I know it’s true. You know it’s true. Every woman who secretly buys a bra from Victoria knows this is true. Why should we go back to buy more bras?

2. Their « experts » are sitting on the throne of lies.

Victoria’s Secret accessories measure your chest size, not in your chest, sometimes even when you dress well, causing a belt size to measure at least two inches too large. Is your band sitting between the scapula? When you buy a bra in a place that is not a secret in Vitoria, the answer to this question will be negative. Buy a suitable underwear, or use this convenient online tool.

In addition, once you have adapted yourself (elsewhere), the secret of Vitoria will argue with you how much clothes you should wear. Victoria, this is my chest. There may be a lot like them, but these are mine. I know what is better for them than you. I understand what feels good when the wire stabs me. But if Vitoria’s secrets like to argue with us about our own breasts, it may be because…

3. The secret scope of Vitoria is very limited.

We believe that the secret of Vitoria has created such a bad decoration method, so that they can convince quite a few customers that they are in line with the company’s size restriction. It is doubtful that any of their famous slender and good donation patterns fit their bra bras.

It is said that the store carries 32A through 40ddd, but for any given bra you are really interested in buying, usually 34B through 36, the best. In contrast, Wacoal caries 30A through 46i. The secret of Vitoria is that laziness does not want to make a large scale.

4. They have a bad shape.

Can we admit they use their dyestuffs on their cheap underwear (see point 1) to look like a crazy version of Andy Warhol’s painting? Just like Victoria’s secret to take the normal color, pass them through a ten heavy Instagram filter.

Although their annual fashion show attracts many spectators, almost half of them are looking at cheap sexy lingerie or putting them on their Christmas list. You can’t give most of the runways printed on our uniforms. We just like to see the secret parade of a beautiful woman, Vitoria, almost completely exposed. The bra is too bad.

5. They forgot their mother’s little

Every mother and mother is familiar with finding a good deception, supporting a nursing bra that doesn’t collapse for the first time. More frustrating and frustrating is knowledge, the secrets of Vitoria, the most popular underwear brands, and even lactation bras.

Is that why all the women and breast stores that do not actually make the main biological purposes of the breasts used in the underwear? Curious people want to know. Since the secret of Vitoria has abandoned the breastfeeding mother, we will support you. Or before.

Drifting day care and parturient bra means solemn and repressive. Brand like hot milk has completely changed the lovely and practical choices of the class, which is worth celebrating.

6. They forgot the women with cancer and other diseases.

Victoria’s secret also makes it impossible for women with cancer or other diseases to change what the cheap sexy lingerie needs. The store’s overall brand philosophy basically ignores the fact that women are not just sexy. Sometimes, women need bras in difficult life, such as after mastectomy. Fortunately, other companies are sympathetic to access to gaps and positions for women from surgical options for recovering from a devastating disease.

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