The plus size model reproduces the mystery of the shape and size of Vitoria’s Secret shooting

Tabria, 27, from Nashville, Tennessee showed her curves in the sexy plus size lingerie collection and their restrictions on reeky casting brand.

She posed and said, « maybe this Halloween, I’ll be a secret angel in Vitoria, because it doesn’t happen in real life. »

« Just visited some of my favorite pictures / dresses and shown here curved girls can rock (sell) sexy plus size lingerie like diameter models. »

An image shows tabria showing off her curves in brown red bra and thong, a set of secret favorites by Candice Swanepoel from Vitoria.

Another shot shows her in her sexy tights, the details of her flowers, and her thin hair around her.

At the same time, another image shows her confident arrangement of flowers, the matching of bra and lingerie on the scallop side, her arm on her head, staring at the camera lens.

Her sexy shot has resonated with online users, 28000 times as much as Instagram.

Tabria went to Britain and Canada to say she always wanted to make the shots of the times.

She said, « I just want to know why they and many other companies don’t cater to women of average size. »

Many instagrammers praised her campaign.

One says, « In my opinion, you’re millions better than I am, and it’s such a beautiful creative work. The more inspiration, the better.

Another said, « You’re beautiful. Thank you for spreading your positive energy!  »

Tabria may not be a Vitoria secret model, but she recently appeared in the Ashley Graham curve model next to the runway.

In addition to the Elle fashion week in New York, the models also participated in fashion show.

Tabria is featured in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit problem finals, and runs in model 2019 swimsuit specials.

She uploaded a positive video last summer, allowing her to read the negative comments she received.

The title is: « I’m Tabria Majors, and my weight is 218 pounds. I don’t care if you hate my body, because I love it. »

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