Together with plus size model, Ashley Graham shared sexy plus size lingerie photos, encouraging women to embrace their bodies.

Ashley Graham shows her famous sexy plus size lingerie curve on social media, which has repeatedly stimulated global women to embrace their body types.

And the United States, sexy plus size lingerie model, recently shared a lively catch in Instagram, causing a little bit of a crash.

Dressed in two white lingerie, 29 years old, exudative, sexy, rich posture, eye-catching camera. She left her lock on her shoulder, and she just needed makeup to see the mascara.

« # perfectlyme, » she wrote, in the picture she shared with her 5 million 400 thousand fans in Instagram.

sexy plus size lingerie

As expected, Graham’s two image has been speeding up, and many of her fans call her « gorgeous » and « inspired. »

A fan commented, « Thank you for teaching us, no matter what we come in, we’re all pretty. »

Another added: « I just saw a video, you got real authorization information from glamour magazine! You’re a wonderful, inspirational woman. You make me feel better! Thank you! »

« She’s so beautiful and inspiring. » I love her, so much! I really want to see her. « If I did, I would cry, just like it was, » said one of the third.

Another follower said, « Wow, what a cute figure. » It’s a perfect figure. »

Graham recently revealed that she was inspired by her breakup with a boy when she was a teenager. She said she was told she’d been dumped because she was going to get fat in the next few years.

« He told me we had to break up because I didn’t want to have sex with him, » Huffington Post quoted Graham as saying. The second reason is because he says I’m as fat as his mother.

She said, « I think of breaking up every now and then. If I can go back and talk to myself, I’ll say, first of all, Craig is a loser. » Second, you’re fine. The bulge of your hips – not only that, but one day it will change the world.

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