Victoria secret cheap sexy lingerie fashion show goes to the international media crisis

Obviously, cheap sexy lingerie models and officials don’t get along very well in People’s Republic of China.

cheap sexy lingerie

The six page learns that the annual secret fashion show in Vitoria – this is due to be held in just two weeks, and the Shanghai feature model, including Adriaa Lima, Alexandra Ambrosio and Carly Klaus, and so on – is going to be the international media crisis in the year.

We told the fashion blog covering reservation dazzling event is canceled the trip because the government will not give them China visa; television producer is grappling and bureaucratic in the outside license in the Mercedes Benz arena, held it there (« if you go to the China, you want to tell you in Chinese! » Inside the smoke year, and secret staff in Vitoria couldn’t publish the news in China because they had to be approved by government officials.

« It’s just a nightmare, and all the media are trying to cover up [performances], » said the jet insider. » The television companies that spend their money are wealth, and they don’t even know how they can get there when they get there. »

We told the producers that in the tight penile malfunction, each dot coordination is « coverage ».

The program will broadcast our CBS has been mainly concentrated in the United States since 2001, but the cheap sexy lingerie company has been running the past few years of luck, from mobile overseas. Last year’s performance was also difficult, because the secret of Vitoria has tried to organize in high profile jewelry the terrorist attacks on Paris and Kim Kardashian robbed people after performing in Paris.

The event, every journalist had to submit to background checks and provide coverage of government ID, and the security is so tight, VIP guest is the only car abandoned at any time to stop allowing outside, so the celebrity to block out before plunging to the ground.

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